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Our Mission

We work to assure everyone get assistance to build an experience portfolio and an opportunity to find jobs, or housing, in their own community and the support they need to maintain these jobs and housing opportunities. Its out goal to help individuals build relationships in our communities to help bridge opportunities for those with barriers to employment and housing. Here at EASE we have found that working with directly with our customers and designing plans for each individual has given us the most success and here is how we do it.

  • Ease believes that whoever want to work should be able to. Creating inclusive community environments through housing and employment.
  • We design a plan directly with you to fit your needs, We source through our partners and find the perfect fit for you.
  • We believe in independence and everyone has the right to it, and we understand that housing and employment is a crucial step towards becoming independent.
  • Ease assists through interview counseling. Job and housing search, and resume building directly with our customers. With our help our customers get employed and stay employed.
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Our Team

Stacci David

Stacci Davie


AA in Business Management. I have a certification through CESP (Community Employment Support Professional).With 20 years of employment experience

Georgina Urps

Georgia Urps

Housing Administrator

12 years experience working with adults with disabilities. I have experience working in both group setting and individuals settings to assist customers with excellent customer support.

Jacqui Davie

Jacqui Davie

Supported Employment Manager

As and individual with a disability myself I understand what you are going through. I have five years of experience helping.

Rhiannon Shafer

Supported Employment Manager

Hi my name is Rhiannon, I have a big heart and love helping people. I work hard at helping people get what they want, need, and deserve. I like meeting new people and getting to know about their life experiences.

Collis Malloy

Supported Housing Manager

As the Supported Housing Program Manager it my goal to ensure all of the housing participants needs are met and the Supported Housing Specialists have the tools they need to adequately serve their participants. I strive to ensure that each Participant in our program develops the skills to maintain a long term and sustainable living environment.

Marta Mangrum

Service Coordinator Housing / Employment

AA in Social Science - Employed in Career Services since 1994, Resume expert, Budget enthusiast, Over 20 years of experience assisting individuals with employment barriers to find great careers. Skilled at identifying strengths and encouraging individuals to push themselves out of their comfort zone for success.

Amanda Lillie

Employment Professionals

Working with special needs adults and kids since I was 16 has been one of the most pleasurable experience I have ever done. I am dedicated to help people in the community find long term employment.

Annie Dawley

Office Administration

I am very proud to be apart of this amazing team, our employment and housing specialists go out in our community and fight for our participants, to get the jobs and housing they need. And the tools and help to keep them.

Matija Ponton

Housing Professionals

As a Supported Housing Specialist I am a dedicated to helping people in the community find long-term and sustainable housing. My experience with working along side people with disabilities and Property Managers makes it easy for me to find the perfect housing opportunities for each participant that I work with.

Shakira Allison

Housing Professionals

Growing  within a low income family and community I understand how hard it is to find safe affordable housing with a full time schedule and limited resources. My ability to relate to, as well as communicate with all Individuals throughout life is only a small but important part of my work as a housing specialist and your daily advocate.